Waihinahina Park

Waihinahina Park is the popular name for the area that used to be the Horokiwi landfill.

Waihinahina Park project on hold

This project is currently on hold as we find suitable fill material for the project.

Dog exercise sign and project sign at entrance to park.

The issue

There are low spots in the park that cause water to pool, which affects the functionality of the park and makes it difficult to maintain – particularly in the winter months. This is common at closed landfill sites.

The pooling water can seep into the landfill and become contaminated, which can potentially affect the water quality downstream.

What we're planning

We are proposing to re-level and re-shape the park, ensuring these low spots are removed and that surface water is channelled away and into the drains that border the park. These perimeter drains would also be widened and regraded to allow for increased water flows.

The project will take about 24 weeks from start to finish. During this time, sections of the park will be closed for safety reasons. We will make sure that some of the park stays open throughout the project, but access to parts may be limited. 
We will remove some of the flax samplings that have been planted along the drain edge at the western and southern section of the park. It’s expected this area will be replanted as part of the Woodridge subdivision development. We will grass seed the area in preparation and try to save the existing flax for planting elsewhere in Newlands, or along the eastern side of the park.

What's being improved

  • In general, the whole park will be reshaped and lifted up to a maximum of 1.5–2m above the current profile.
  • A ridge will be created through the park so the ground slopes away towards the drains.
  • New paths will be created to replace the existing paths. 
  • To help the water flow towards the drains, some of the existing artificial hills will be covered or removed.
  • The outcome will be a drier, more functional park with improved water quality downstream of the park.


This project is on-hold due to issues with obtaining appropriate quantities of fill.

More information

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Waste Operations Engineer

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