Wilton Park slip remediation

Remedial works on the Wilton Park slip.

In August 2022 a large slip occurred at Wilton Park which flowed down to the Kaiwharawhara Stream.

The slip affected the use of Wilton Park for sporting activities and temporarily closed the popular Kaiwharawhara Track that runs along the stream between Ian Galloway Park and Ōtari-Wilton Bush. Due to the reduction of the size of the playable area, the park will no longer be available for summer cricket and options for winter sports in 2023 are being assessed.

The slip was primarily made up of local soil and rock which was used to fill in a gully in the 1950s to create the sports field. A large amount of sediment has been discharged into the stream and Wellington Harbour as a result.

What we're doing

Plans are being developed to make the site safe in the short term and temporarily opening up access for walkers along the Kaiwharawhara track this summer.

We have an initial engineering report which details risks associated with the slip and options to remediate the site and make it safe. Options include battering the slope to reduce risk of further slips, removing the mud/vegetation blocking the stream, reinstating the track, picnic area and native forest which were all affected by the slip.

Longer term options for Wilton Park are being explored and opportunities for public input into this process will happen in the future. Master planning which is underway for the nearby Ian Galloway Park may also affect the options for this area.

Community clean up

There was a fantastic turnout to the Community Clean Up Day on 4 March. Over 40 volunteers showed up to collectively remove 930kg or rubbish from the surface of the slip. Big thanks to the Ōtari Wilton Bush Trust and Kia Mouriora te Kaiwharawhara Sanctuary-to-Sea teams from Zealandia who co-hosted the clean-up, and Cameron Harrison’s Butcher in Ngaio who donated the sausages for the BBQ lunch.

Current works

Wilton Park will remain closed to the public for the remediation earthworks which are happening in two phases from March 2023. The first phase will recontour the top of the slip and the second phase will remove branches blocking the stream and reduce the amount of sediment entering the stream from the slip when it rains. Please keep out of the area and obey all closure notices at the park and tracks.

More information

David Halliday, Project Manager Parks and Open Spaces David.Halliday@wcc.govt.nz