Let's Get Wellington Moving

Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a joint transport planning project involving Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and the NZ Transport Agency.

Photo of pedestrians crossing the road at the busy intersection of Cuba and Vivian streets in Wellington.

Pedestrians at the intersection of Cuba and Vivian streets


In the wake of the Basin Bridge decision, we’re working together – and with the people of Wellington region – to take a fresh look at our transport system to ensure it supports how we want our city to look, feel and function.

More than 10,000 people joined the conversation earlier in the year and we’re continuing to hold regular face-to-face and online get-togethers so people can learn more and continue to be involved.

A website has been developed by the three organisations for this project.

Visit getwellymoving.co.nz to find out more and see what people have said so far. 

Suggestions and questions, can be emailed to info@getwellymoving.co.nz