Let's Get Wellington Moving

Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a joint initiative between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and the NZ Transport Agency.

Photo of pedestrians crossing the road at the busy intersection of Cuba and Vivian streets in Wellington.

Pedestrians at the intersection of Cuba and Vivian streets


We’ve been working together, with the people of our Wellington region – to seek to move more people with fewer vehicles. 

In May this year the Government confirmed it will support the $6.4 billion budget for the transformational project over two decades. 

Let’s Get Wellington Moving is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support and shape the city and region’s growth while making it safer and easier for people to get around. 

Our focus is the areas from Ngauranga Gorge to Wellington International Airport, including the Wellington urban motorway and connections to Wellington Regional Hospital, the central city, the port and the eastern and southern suburbs. We’re currently developing an early delivery programme to help improve how people move into and around the city. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about this please visit the website developed by all the partners: 

Lets get Wellington moving