Johnsonville Mall redevelopment

The Council has granted a resource consent to redevelop Johnsonville Shopping Centre.

View of Johnsonville Mall from Johnsonville Road.
Johnsonville Mall

The Council has granted Stride Property Ltd and Diversified NZ Property Trust a resource consent to redevelop Johnsonville Shopping Centre.

This was issued in January 2017. It replaces the previous consent issued in 2009. 

This consent allows for the construction and redevelopment of shops, pedestrian areas, parking areas and vehicle access to service shops.

The redevelopment of the mall will also allow for a range of activities. The current proposal incorporates: 

  • 26,000m2 development including retail, cinema  and commercial activities
  • 900 car parking spaces, 200 available to general public
  • a new street façade on Johnsonville, Broderick and Moorefield roads
  • relocation of the Countdown Supermarket
  • 24/7 public pedestrian link through the mall to connect Johnsonville and Moorefield roads, bus stops and rail platforms
  • widening Moorefield Road to provide access to Mall parking
  • improvements to pedestrian crossings to provide better linkage to community facilities off Moorefield Road

For more information on the revised design plan, see: