Charged up Capital: EV chargers

Over the next four years, we’re installing 60 new fast chargers around Wellington.

Three ev chargers.

About the project

The number of electric vehicles in Wellington is expected to grow in coming years. New electric vehicle registrations have tripled over the past year, and the share of electric cars in the city’s passenger fleet has increased from 1.7% to 5.5%.

In response to increased demand, we are installing 60 fast chargers (24kW), in partnership with EECA and Meridian.

EV charger locations

We have installed fourteen chargers across the following sites. These locations were chosen so you can charge your EV and enjoy the Council facilities on offer.

  • Ākau Tangi Sports Centre
  • Nairnville Recreation Centre
  • Karori Recreation Centre
  • Kilbirnie Recreation Centre
  • Mervyn Kemp (Tawa) Library
  • Ngaio Town Hall and Cummings Park (Ngaio) Library
  • Worser Bay (in the car park at the intersection of Karaka Bay Road and Awa Road)

Between April and June 2024, we will be installing chargers at the following sites:

  • Mansfield Street (near the southern entrance to Newtown Park)
  • Northland Road (between the tunnel and Northland village)
  • Oriental Parade (near Waitangi Park)
  • Stanley Street, Berhampore (near McAllister Park)

Between June and September 2024, we will be installing chargers at the following sites:

  • Miramar car park (1 Park Road)
  • Medway Street, Island Bay
  • Manley Terrace, Newtown
  • Karori pool carpark
  • Macmillan Court, Newlands

During the installation of the EV chargers, nearby car parking will temporarily be reduced. We will minimise any disruption during this time.

EV charging app on a persons phone with the EV charger in the background.

Using the EV chargers

These chargers are DC fast chargers, with a capacity of 24kW. Depending on the vehicle, you could expect these chargers to take between 30 minutes and two hours to charge.

Each charger will have both CCS2 and CHAdeMO connections.

You’ll be able to find the location and status of the chargers on Meridian’s Zero app and the PlugShare website. Some sites may have metered billing in addition to fees for charging your EV.

Unauthorised parking on these spaces will deny access to those who need them and will incur a spot parking penalty of $40.


The Charged up Capital programme will install chargers across Pōneke’s communities, enabling more access to public charging facilities.

Charged up Capital is part of the Council’s Te Atakura First to Zero initiative, which was adopted in 2019. The goal is to more than halve our emissions by 2030 and make Wellington city a net zero carbon capital by 2050.

We will be delivering chargers in several smaller phases between 2022 and 2025. We are currently assessing sites across Wellington for the remaining chargers.

When we consider sites, we assess several factors and aim to achieve:

  • convenient and accessible placement for both existing and new EV users
  • maximum value for our investment
  • minimal disruption to other users of the car park in both the installation and use of the chargers.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us.