Town Hall Events

The Town Hall has hosted some of the biggest events and shows in Wellington's history.

Wellington’s Town Hall is a major Wellington venue with unique characteristics. Its architectural features add a grand dimension to any event. When the earthquake strengthening work has finished, the Town Hall will be a stronger and safer event space for our city to enjoy.

Each year a large variety of events, conferences, exhibitions and concerts are held at the Town Hall. The main auditorium is known as one of the best in the world acoustically, especially for symphonic and choral works. It's one of the best venues in New Zealand to hear the NZ Symphony Orchestra. 

Screaming fans held back by policemen at a Beatles concert at Wellington Town Hall in June, 1964.

Beatles concert in Wellington Town Hall in 1964


Many other concerts have been held at the Town Hall, including pop, country, classical, chamber and pipe organ.

Visitors have also experienced a raft of other events such as:

  • comedy and choral shows
  • Indian (Diwali) and African celebrations
  • debutantes’ balls
  • funerals of famous Wellingtonians
  • political rallies and conferences
  • wresting and boxing matches.

Various members of royalty have also visited the Town Hall. In our photo gallery below, see the photo of Queen Elizabeth II with the Mayor Robert Macalister during her 1953-1954 Commonwealth tour.

Average annual visitor numbers and events

These figures show how our Town Hall has been used recently. In a year, on average:

  • 34,281 people see one of 60 performances 
  • 8,300 people network and learn at one of 30 local or international conferences
  • 20,000 people take part in a ceremony, wedding or ball
  • 6,800 people wine and dine at a private dinner or cocktail party
  • 11,170 people come to a private event such as a meeting or seminar.

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