Allington Road culvert replacement

We are replacing the concrete culverts that help carry the Karori Stream under Allington Road, Karori.

About the project

The Karori Stream runs underneath Allington Road through special water channels called culverts. One of the culverts is 100 years old, which has left it vulnerable to earthquakes and needing restrictions on heavy vehicles. The existing culverts act as a bottleneck in the stream and cause upstream flooding of nearby properties.

To improve this, we are proposing a new bridge to replace the two existing culverts.

This work is scheduled to get underway from September 2022 and extend to the second half of 2023.

Take a look at the animation of the anticipated construction.

A satellite photo showing box culverts and flow direction.
The intersection point of Karori Road and Allington Road.

Impact on traffic and residents

We will be in regular contact with residents throughout this project.

It is intended to stage construction so that two lanes of traffic can pass through the site at peak times. This may be reduced to one lane outside of peak hours.

The bus terminal will need to be temporarily relocated as it extends over the culverts. The current expectation is that the terminal will be relocated to the Karori Park stop on Karori Road. Incoming buses will follow the existing route of the No.33 bus, looping from Karori Road onto Richmond Avenue, and return to Karori Road via Woodhouse Avenue.

Some properties immediately adjacent to the culvert site will be affected by the construction staging. Wellington City Council will be contacting these residents directly to discuss their specific circumstances and the steps that are proposed to minimise their disruption.

Construction can be noisy and dusty, and certain construction activities such as driving piles can produce noise and vibration. These sorts of activities are only expected over relatively brief periods of the construction and we will be making every effort to minimise disruption.

Pedestrian access

A confined construction site is not the place for pedestrians, especially if they are children.

Considering this, pedestrians will be rerouted around the site via the footbridge that crosses the Karori Stream to the north of Allington Road and through the Terawhiti Wilf Glover Turf onto Makara Road.

We are conscious about providing a safe access through this route. Additional lighting will be provided along with providing priority to pedestrians when accessing the turf carpark.

Stream ecology

The Karori stream is a valuable source of biodiversity in the area. We are working with Iwi, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and ecologists to construct the bridge in a way that maintains the natural ecology of the stream along with its amenity.

Residents drop-in session

A drop-in session for residents to come by and speak with the project team will be held between 4.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday 20 July in the hall at Karori West Normal School.

More information

If you have any questions about the Allington Road culvert replacement, contact us:

Phone: 04 499 4444