Our Capital Spaces

This strategy is currently under review.

Open Spaces and Recreation review

We are currently reviewing this strategy. Earlier in 2022, we held a survey to gather feedback and ideas about the future of our open spaces and recreation in Wellington. You can find the survey results at Open Spaces and Recreation engagement. We expect to release a draft revised strategy for public consultation in early 2023.

We’re reviewing our approaches to open space and recreation to ensure they work for Wellingtonians over the next 30 years.

The accessibility and quality of open spaces and recreation facilities in our city play a vital role in how we think and feel about living in Wellington. 

Our existing open space and recreation strategy sets out the Council’s role in providing things like pools, parks, playgrounds, sportsfields and other public places, recreation facilities and recreation services and programmes – read the current strategy: 

Our Capital Spaces (2013-2023) (1.5MB PDF) | Text version (75KB RTF)

We need to review this strategy to ensure we have enough parks, of the right sort, in the right places as the city’s population grows and residential development intensifies. We also need to respond to changing leisure and recreation needs and expectations as our communities diversify.

Our Capital Spaces by section

Section 1 - Summary (103KB PDF)

Section 2 - Introduction (77KB PDF)

Section 3 - Our Capital Spaces Plan (443KB PDF)

Section 4 - Outcomes Sought (600KB PDF)