Museums Policy

Entire document (90KB PDF)


  • Why have a Museums Policy?
  • What does this policy aim to achieve?
  • What does the policy contain?
  • Key words


  • Te Papa
  • The Wellington Museums Trust
  • The Katherine Mansfield Birthplace and the Carter Observatory
  • Other community initiatives
  • Regional initiatives
  • How much the Council spends on museums

How Does This Policy Relate to Council?s Strategic Direction?

  • Core service
  • What is in the Council's Strategic Plan?
  • Other Council strategies
  • Current museums and Council strategies

The Role of Museums

  • The relationship between economic development, culture and identity
  • How museums foster culture and identity
  • The importance of collections
  • Conclusion

The Funding of Museums

  • Conclusion

Trends that are Likely to Affect Museums

  • Population changes
  • Recreation / leisure preferences
  • Changing technology
  • International museum trends

Policy Implications

Guiding Principles

  • Fitting with the Council’s strategies
  • Being of public interest, relevance and value
  • Being affordable
  • Acting as agents for social inclusion
  • Working in partnership
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Consideration against alternatives, costs, and risks

Strategic Directions

  • Outcomes


  • Criteria to Assess Proposed Museum and Collection Initiatives