Election hoardings guidelines

Adopted in 2013.

Wellington City Council has developed guidelines for candidates and political parties promoting themselves on electoral signage in general and local government elections.

The guidelines for temporary signs in public places (187KB PDF), which includes election signage, are based on existing legislation, bylaws, plans and policies. Conditions are similar to those used for previous elections.

The Council is continually reviewing election signage sites and how they're administered. To give the Council your feedback on election signage, complete the election signage feedback form  (207KB PDF).

Electioneering in Wellington

Key points from the electioneering guidelines:

  • electioneering on private property must be in accordance with legislation and the District Plan
  • electioneering on public property is limited to specific signage sites
  • to use these sites, candidates or parties must seek approval from the Council by lodging an application
  • the approval letter will include the list of sites that candidates or parties may use
  • the sites list gets modified between elections - one key change is that sites on special reserves land (eg the Town Belt) may no longer be used. Check with the Council before installing signs at any location to see whether this is still appropriate.

To check out a map showing approved signage sites on public land, and to apply for permission to erect hoardings, see: Election signs

More information

For policy review and compliance:

Steve Spence
Chief Transport Planner
Phone: 04 803 8099
Email: steve.spence@wcc.govt.nz

For approval to place hoardings on Council land:

Street Activities Officer
Phone: 04 499 4444
Email: streetactivities@wcc.govt.nz