Cemeteries Management Plan

Adopted December 2003. Reprinted in 2010.

Karori and Makara Cemeteries

February 2010 Reprint Information (15KB PDF)

Introduction (127KB PDF)

History & Description (127KB PDF)

Objectives (15KB PDF)

Future Vision (15KB PDF)

  • Makara Cemetery
  • Karori Cemetery

Current and Predicted Rates of Use (55KB PDF)

  • Current Usage
  • Capacity and Future Rates of Use
  • National Morality Statistics
  • New Cemetery Services

Regulatory Framework (28KB PDF)

Management Policies (71KB PDF)

  • Information Integrity
  • Administration and Communication
  • Working with Community Groups
  • Recognition of Ethnic, Cultural and Religious Denominations
  • Maintenance Standards
    • Rights of Burial
    • Public Use
    • Management of Natural Areas
    • Statutory Identification and Protection

    Asset Management (207KB PDF)

    • Landscape Development
    • Gravesite Maintenance And Restoration
    • Criteria for Grave Upgrade Priorities
    • Monument Design
    • Signage
    • Building Management
    • Fire Management

    Development Planning (122KB PDF)

    • Landscape Development Plans
    • Karori Cemetery Management Areas
      • Makara Cemetery Management

      Implementation Plan (30KB PDF)

      • Capex Expenditure (Cx369)
      • Grave Restoration
      • Opex Expenditure (C007)
      • Summary of Costs

      Bibliography and Acknowledgements (10KB PDF)

      Appendix One - Karori Cemetery Management Areas (92KB PDF)

      Appendix Two - Makara Cemetery Landscape Concept (402KB PDF)

      Appendix Three - Land Information (20KB PDF)

      Appendix Four - Grave Restoration Guidelines (44KB PDF)

      Appendix Five - Assessment of Heritage Significance (26KB PDF)

      Appendix Six - Historical Background (Karori) (97KB PDF)

      More Information

      Karori Cemetery Office

      Phone: (04) 476 6109
      Fax: (04) 476 8242
      Email: cemeteries@wcc.govt.nz