Botanic Gardens of Wellington Management Plan

Adopted September 2014.

The Botanic Gardens of Wellington composes Wellington Botanic Garden, Ōtari-Wilton's Bush, Bolton Street Cemetery and Truby King Park. The purpose of this management plan is to provide the Council with a clear, consistent and co-ordinated framework for managing these Gardens over the next 10 years.

Entire document (5.9MB)

  • Introduction
  • General Management Framework
  • General Objectives and Policies
  • The Wellington Botanic Garden (including Anderson Park)
  • Ōtari-Wilton's Bush
  • Bolton Street Cemetery
  • Truby King Park
  • Rules for Use and Development
  • Appendix1: Land Schedules
  • Appendix 2: Historic Outline
  • Appendix 3: Global Strategy for Plan Conservation 2011-20
  • Appendix 4: Wildlife in the Wellington Botanic Garden and Ōtari-Wilton's Bush
  • Appendix 5: Bioblitz 2007 Summary
  • Appendix 6: Implementation Plan