Long-term Plan 2006−16

The Long-term Plan 2006-16 was adopted by the Council on 28 June 2006.

Our 2006-16 Long-term Plan is is the second long-term plan we have produced under the Local Government Act 2002. It contains comprehensive information about our programme for the next decade, including budgets, performance measures, and reasons for providing each service. It also contains the policies that will guide our management of the city’s fi nances in coming years: for example, how we will fund our activities and what borrowing levels we will maintain.

The plan is published in two volumes.

Amendment notice

This amendment was adopted by Council on Wednesday 27 June 2007. 

The amendment to the Long-term Council Community Plan 2006/07 – 15/16 consists of the following:

  • Crown investment in the Council’s social housing portfolio (Section 1)
  • Development Contributions Policy changes (Section 2)
  • Revenue and Financing Policy changes (Section 3)
  • Consequential changes to the nine year funding and financial statements (Section 4).

Amendment to Long-term Council Community Plan 2006/07-2015/16 (491KB PDF)

More information

For more information, contact the Planning and Reporting Team: ltp@wcc.govt.nz