Te Pūrongo ā-Tau
Annual Report 2022/23

Nau mai ki tā mātou tirohanga rāpopoto o te tau 2022/23.
Welcome to our snapshot of the 2022/23 year.

The theme for this year is “Whanaungatanga – partnership, working together and collective spirit”.

Whanaungatanga is about building relationships through shared experiences which strengthen all members.

The city we are living in now has changed through the pandemic. There are increases in cost-of-living, climate change impacts are being felt and people are choosing to work and live in the city differently. We are also heading into a time of urban transformation that is going to cause disruption. Positive outcomes are on the way, but we need to make sure we plan right now so we transform our city with our residents.

The Annual Report 2022/23 was adopted by the Council on 25 October 2023.

Full Annual Report 2022/23

The report this year is split into two volumes.

Volume 1: Performance Overview and Service Statements

Volume 1 includes the Independent Auditor’s Opinion on our report, an overview of our financial and non-financial performance for the year, and our detailed Statements of Service Provision.

Volume 1 is split into five sections:

Section 1: Our city
This section includes an overview of the city’s history, our population, economy, location, and our environment.

Section 2: Our leaders and strategic direction
This section outlines our Strategic Direction - our vision, our strategic outcomes, and the role Council plays, along with an introduction of our Mayor, Councillors, and Executive Team.

Section 3: Summary of our year
This section includes summaries of our performance, including some challenges and highlights of the 2022/23 year, and an overview of our core business.

Section 4: Our performance in detail
This section is our Statement of Service Performance and describes in detail how we performed in each of the Council’s seven strategic activity areas and our Council-controlled organisations. Each activity area includes an overview of the activities from the year, and a summary of financial information and performance measures.

Section 5: Our Council and organisation
This section describes the Council’s democratic and corporate governance arrangements and presents information relating to our elected members, committees, groups and business units, organisational structure and staff.

Volume 2: Financial Statements for Council and Group

This volume contains our comprehensive financial information for the year ending 30 June 2023. It includes all financial statements, notes to those statements and detailed information on how we fund our activities.


The summary is a condensed version of the Annual Report. The financial statements and performance summaries in this version of report do not include all of the disclosures provided in the full report.

More information

Copies of the full Annual Report 2022/2023 and the summary are available to view at our Service Centre and libraries.

These documents are complex, so if you have any questions about accessing or interpreting the information, contact us: planning.reporting@wcc.govt.nz