Annual Plans

Annual Plans are how we deliver our Long-term Plans (LTPs).

Annual Plan 2023/24

The draft budget for the 2023/24 Annual Plan was approved by Councillors at the Kōrau Tōtōpū | Long-term Plan, Finance, and Performance Committee on 28 February 2023 (reconvened from 23 February). View meeting papers

The public can have their say on the draft annual plan throughout April on Kōrero Mai | Let’s Talk. It will then be debated and adopted by the Council in June.

The Council develops a Long-term Plan (LTP) every three years. In the interim two years, we create an Annual Plan to make sure we continue to deliver on the initiatives set out in the LTP.

Annual Plans identify our activities, the resources to deliver them and where the resources will come from, for example rates or user charges.

Annual Plan 2022/23 

The 2022/23 Annual Plan was deliberated at the Pūroro Maherehere | Annual Plan/Long-term Committee meeting 1 June 2022 and adopted by the Council at their meeting on 30 June 2022.

Annual Plan 2020/21

Annual Plan 2019/20

Annual Plan 2019/20 (11.6MB PDF)

Annual Plan 2017/18

Annual Plan 2016/17

Annual Plan 2014/15

Annual Plan 2013/14

Annual Plan 2011/12

Annual Plan 2011/2012 (2.70MB PDF)