Summary of submissions

The summaries of submissions break down the decisions requested by submitters and explain their reasoning.

The summary of submissions identifies the decisions requested by submitters and provides a concise summary of their reasoning.  

As well as looking at the summary of submissions, you can check out the original submissions for more context.

When creating your further submission, refer to the original submission number provided within the summary of submissions. Find out more about how to make a further submission.

Please note the summary of submissions do not replace the original submissions.

Summary of Submissions by Submitter

This document contains a summary of submissions ordered by the submitter.

Summary of Submissions by Submitter (58.6MB PDF)

Summary of Submissions by Plan Chapter

Part 1: Introduction and General Provisions


How the Plan Works


National Direction Instruments

Tangata Whenua

Part 2: District-wide Matters

Hazards and Risks

Historical and Cultural Values

Natural and Environmental Values


General District-wide Matters

Part 3


Rural Zones

Commercial and mixed use Zones

Industrial Zones

Open Space and Recreation Zones

Special Purpose Zones


Part 4


Planning maps