District Plan Change 83: Kiwi Point Quarry

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Tabitha Proffitt 
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On May 1 2019, Wellington City Council approved proposed District Plan Change 83 to rezone an area of land to the south of Kiwi Point Quarry in Ngauranga Gorge. The change allows for the expansion of the south face of the quarry for quarrying activities. 

The Council's decision was notified on 6 May 2019 which was followed by a 30 day appeal period that ended on Tuesday 18 June 2019. 

The plan change includes the following: 

Changes proposed

  • Rezone an area on the southern side of the quarry site from Open Space B to Business 2
  • Introduce a new objective that recognises the importance of quarrying aggregates at Kiwi Point Quarry to provide for the future growth and development of the city.
  • Introduce a new controlled activity rule that applies to the rezoned southern face expansion area. The Council’s control is maintained over buffer areas from residential sites, cut face rehabilitation, ecological mitigation, and screening.
  • Introduce a range of standards relating to the quarrying of the expanded site, and make changes to a range of explanatory text and a number of consequential changes including changes to Planning Maps 22 and 23.



A hearing for this proposed plan change was held over three days on the 10th-12th of December 2018. The hearing panel has closed the hearing as per Minute 7 provided below. 


Hearing Panel Minutes

Submitter's Evidence 

Council Evidence 

The following evidence is the Council's evidence as proponent of this plan change. 

Section 42A Officer's Report 


On 13 April 2018 Wellington City Council notified District Plan Change 83, in which 35 total submissions were received, 2 of which were late submissions. A summary of decisions requested (summary of submissions) was prepared, and the opportunity to make further submissions was notified on 11 June and closed on 25 June 2018. Only 1 further submission was received.

To ensure all potentially affected parties were provided a copy of District Plan Change 83, Council at the direction of the hearing panel elected to extend the timeframe for accepting submissions. Only one additional submission was received. (No additional further submissions were received).  

Further submissions

Original submissions

Original documents

Section 32 Report Consideration of alternatives, benefits and costs

To receive a copy of any of the above documents, please email district.plan@wcc.govt.nz

The process for undertaking a Plan Change is determined by the Resource Management Act 1991.

Proposal timeline

  • September – October 2017: Consultation regarding the four options for proposed Kiwi Point Quarry expansion.
  • February 2018: Feedback from consultation summarised and included in report that went to the Council’s City Strategy Committee.
  • 13 April 2018: The Council publicly notified Proposed District Plan Change 83 (Kiwi Point Quarry).
  • 13 April – 14 May 2018: Submission period for Proposed District Plan Change 83 (Kiwi Point Quarry) open.
  • 11 June - 25 June 2018: Opportunity to make a further submission supporting or opposing the submissions already made (for people who meet the criteria under Clause 8 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act, 1991)
  • 5 September - 3 October 2018: Extended submission period open
  • 12 October - 29 October 2018: Opportunity to make a further submission supporting or opposing the submissions already made (for people who meet the criteria under Clause 8 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act, 1991)
  • 10 December - 12 December 2018: Oral Submissions were held for submitter's who requested to present their submission in person. 
  • 1 May 2019: Council decided to approve the Hearing Panel's Recommendation to approve plan change 83. 
  • 6 May 2019: Public notification of Council's decision and start of 30 day appeal period. 
  • 6 May -18 June 2019: Anyone who had made a submission on the proposed Plan Change had an opportunity to appeal the decision to the Environment Court. 

Next steps

  • After 18 June 2019: No appeals were received. The plan change will be made operative in the Wellington City District Plan. The operative date will be publicly notified. 

More information

Phone: 04 499 4444
Email: district.plan@wcc.govt.nz