Plan Change 81: Rezoning 320 The Terrace and de-listing the Gordon Wilson Flats

Changes to plan:

Volume 3: Planning Maps 12 and 16 

Contact: Planning Advisor
Phone: (04) 803 8130

The proposal

Urban Perspectives Limited (on behalf of Victoria University of Wellington) have lodged a private plan change request with Wellington City Council. The proposed plan change seeks to:

  • rezone 320 The Terrace from Inner Residential Area to Institutional Precinct
  • remove the ‘Gordon Wilson Flats’ from the Wellington City District Plan’s heritage list
  • amend the Institutional Precinct provisions of the Wellington City District Plan.

The proposed rezoning and de-listing would enable the site to be re-developed for university purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Institutional Precinct.


One appeal has been received on District Plan Change 81, which relates to the de-listing of the Gordon Wilson Flats as a Heritage Building from the District Plan's Heritage List.

Appeal (241KB PDF)

Hearing decision

Public Notice (168KB PDF)

Decision Report (227KB PDF)

Appendix One - Recommendation Report of Hearing Panel (2.7MB PDF)

Appendix Two - Hearing Panel Recommendations by Submission (657KB PDF) 

Appendix Three - Minute 1 of Hearing Panel (358KB PDF)

Appendix Four - Minute 2 of Hearing Panel (425KB PDF)

Appendix Five - Minute 3 of Hearing Panel (278KB PDF)

Appendix Six - Victoria University Private Plan Change Request (53KB PDF)

Appendix Seven - Recommended Changes to District Plan Provisions (957KB PDF)

Appendix Eight - Recommended Design Guide Changes (572KB PDF)

Appendix Nine - Explanation of Proposed Changes made by Hearing Panel (203KB PDF)

Post hearing

Amended Hearing Statement (296KB PDF)

Ranking - District Plan Heritage Buildings and Objects (520KB PDF)

Response to Minute #2 (40KB PDF)

Hearing committee – Minute #2 (425KB PDF)

Further Information by Applicant

Submissions to Accompany Further Information (88KB PDF)

Attachment One – Design Guide (515KB PDF)

Attachment Two – Design Guide Notes (92KB PDF)

Attachment Three – Views from Ghuznee Street (887KB PDF)

Attachment Four – Text Added (848KB PDF)

Attachment Four – Text Deleted (306KB PDF)

Attachment Five – Pre-lodgement Consultation (2.3MB PDF)

Attachment Six – VUW letter about %NBS Policy (440KB PDF)

Attachment Seven – Planners’ Conferencing Statement (1.3MB PDF)

Attachment Eight – Section 32AA Assessment (19KB PDF)


A hearing was held at 9:15am on 15-17 December in Committee Room 1/2, Ground Floor, Council Offices, 101 Wakefield Street.

Submitters' Evidence

Linda Tyler (310 KB PDF)

Jeremy Salmond  (129 KB PDF)

Applicant's Evidence

Adam Wild (Heritage) (168KB PDF)

Andrew Burns (Urban Design) (4.47MB PDF)

Andrew Burns (Urban Design) Appendix 1 (5.40MB PDF)

Andrew Burns (Urban Design) Appendix 2 (3.36MB PDF)

Andrew Burns (Urban Design) Appendix 3 (495KB PDF)

Andrew Croskery (Building Condition and Options Assessment) (592KB PDF)

Andrew Croskery (Building Condition and Options Assessment) Appendix 3 (217KB PDF)

Bob Hall (Demolition Management) (91KB PDF)

David Wood (Structural Engineering) (89KB PDF)

Jenny Bentley (Campus Services) (114KB PDF)

Maurice Clark (Redevelopment feasibility) (59KB PDF)

Peter Coop (Planning) (273KB PDF)

Council Reports

Section 42A Report (1.85MB PDF)

Attachment A - Recommended Amendments (19.8KB PDF)

Attachment B - Transport Review (23.5KB PDF)

Attachment C - Urban Design Review (2.29MB PDF)

Attachment D - Noise and Demolition Management Plan Review (128KB PDF)

Attachment E - Heritage Review (2.45KB PDF)

Attachment F - Map (2.15MB PDF)

Attachment G - Summary of Submissions (725KB PDF) 

Attachment H - Council Assessment of the Gordon Wilson Flats (2012) (678KB PDF)

Attachment I - Earthquake Prone Status of the Gordon Wilson Flats (62.7KB PDF)

Hearing Committee – Minute #1 (355KB PDF)

Further submissions

Public Notice (176KB PDF)

Further Submission One (23KB PDF)

Further Submission Two (25KB PDF)

Further Submission Three (25KB PDF)

Further Submission Four (25KB PDF)

Further Submission Five (24KB PDF)

Further Submission Six (23KB PDF)

Summary of submissions

32 submissions were received by the closing date of 25 September 2015. One late submission was received.

You can read a summary of the decisions requested by submitters below, or pick up a copy at our service centre at 101 Wakefield Street. Copies of the full submissions are also available below.

Summary of Submissions (774KB PDF)

Submitter One (23KB PDF)

Submitter One - Attachment (14.6MB PDF)

Submitter Two (22KB PDF)

Submitter Two - Attachment (232KB PDF)

Submitter Three (148KB PDF)

Submitter Four (999KB PDF)

Submitter Five (23KB PDF)

Submitter Six (576KB PDF)

Submitter Seven (79KB PDF)

Submitter Eight (616 KB PDF)

Submitter Nine (838KB PDF)

Submitter Ten (611KB PDF)

Submitter Eleven (474KB PDF)

Submitter Twelve (149KB PDF)

Submitter Thirteen (22KB PDF)

Submitter Fourteen (870KB PDF)

Submitter Fifteen (800KB PDF)

Submitter Sixteen (556KB PDF)

Submitter Seventeen (751KB PDF)

Submitter Eighteen (685KB PDF)

Submitter Nineteen (23KB PDF)

Submitter Nineteen - Attachment One (665KB PDF)

Submitter Nineteen - Attachment Two (544KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty (251KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty One (532KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Two (26KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Three (943KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Four (266KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Five (111KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Six (215KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Seven (370KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Eight (469KB PDF)

Submitter Twenty Nine (714KB PDF)

Submitter Thirty (103KB PDF)

Submitter Thirty One (22KB PDF)

Submitter Thirty Two (750KB PDF)

Submitter Thirty Three (102KB PDF)

Original documents

What happens next

The process for public participation in the consideration of the proposed Plan Change is as follows:

  • after the closing date for submissions, the Council will prepare a summary of the submissions and this summary will be publicly notified
  • there will be an opportunity to make a further submission supporting or opposing the submissions already made (for persons who meet the criteria under clause 8 of the First Schedule, Resource Management Act)
  • if any person making a submission asks to be heard in support of their submission, a hearing will be held
  • the Council will give its decision on the proposed Plan Change, including its reasons for accepting or rejecting submissions
  • anyone who has made a submission has the right to appeal the decision on the proposed Plan Change to the Environment Court.