Plan Change 77: Curtis Street Business Area

Changes to Plan: Volume 1: Chapter 35 (new); Volume 3: Planning Map 11
Contact: Senior Planning Advisor
Phone:  (04) 499 4444

Operative 16 January 2017.


Environment Court decision

Hearing decision


Further submissions

Four parties who made further submissions on Proposed Plan Change 77 did not meet the service requirements set out in Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) in that they did not serve a copy of their further submissions on those original submitters that they supported or opposed.

Council waived the service notice requirements under Sections 37 and 37A of the RMA thereby accepting the four improperly served further submissions as valid.  For information purposes, the Council wrote to all the original submitters who were referenced in the improperly served further submissions and informed them that a waiver had been granted.

Further submissions closed 12 June 2013.

Submissions received

Submissions closed 11 March 2013.

Original documents

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Volume 1

Volume 3

Section 32 Report

Appendix to Section 32 Report - Technical Assessments: