Plan Change 81: Rezoning 320 The Terrace (Gordon Wilson Flats)

Changes to plan:
  • Volume I: Chapter 9  
  • Volume II: Victoria University Design Guide  
  • Volume III: Planning Maps 12, 16, and 17 
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Operative 11 July 2018.

Plan Change 81 includes the following: 

  • Rezoning of 320 The Terrace from Inner Residential to Institutional Precinct 
  • Site Specific amendments to the Institutional Precinct Zone Rules
  • Amendments to the Victoria University Design Guide

Operative documents 


One appeal was received, which related to the de-listing of the Gordon Wilson Flats as a Heritage Building from the District Plan's Heritage List.

Hearing decision

Post hearing

Further Information by Applicant


A hearing was held at 9:15am on 15-17 December in Committee Room 1/2, Ground Floor, Council Offices, 101 Wakefield Street.

Submitters' Evidence

Applicant's Evidence

Council Reports

Further submissions

Summary of submissions

32 submissions were received by the closing date of 25 September 2015. One late submission was received.

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