Building the team

Wellington City Council is committed to ensuring WCC is a great place to work and that we are focused on improving the right things to deliver our goals.

In March 2019, Wellington City Council staff completed an internal survey – Kōrero mai – Talk to us. 

Kōrero mai is an online survey based on a tool called ‘AskYourTeam’, which was developed in New Zealand and is used by many other New Zealand organisations, including central and local government.

The survey asked participants to rate to what extent they agree with a range of statements – from leadership, culture and strategy, to business processes, how we make things happen, how we work with suppliers and our interactions with customers and ratepayers.

2019 survey results

1,231 Council employees completed the survey – 78% of the organisation.

Overall, the results show our people are generally positive about how Wellington City Council is performing, but we have room for improvement in some key areas. 

Korero Mai survey - Wellington City Council

What the colours mean

  • Red (0-49%) is an area that needs focus.
  • Orange (50-67%) shows areas we need to work on.
  • Yellow (68-83%) is good.
  • Green (84-100%) is excellent.

What we’re doing well

Collectively, our people agreed more strongly with statements about our leadership, culture, internal communication and customer focus. Average scores for these areas were between 68-83%.

We’ve put a significant amount of work into improving our culture, including the launch of new vision, values and behaviours, a Leadership Development Programme, and developing our customer strategy. It’s great to see this reflected in the results. 

What we need to focus on

The areas we need to focus on include technology and information management, project management and governance, organisational learning and how we work with suppliers. Average scores for these areas were between 50-67%. These are areas we’re already working on internally.

How we measure up against local government

Our overall score of 64% was 1% above the local government benchmark. 

On a combined leadership, engagement and performance measure we scored 68%, which is 2% above the local government benchmark.

What’s next

Using this tool we will be able to run smaller, regular ‘pulse check’ surveys to measure our progress against areas we want to improve.  This will occur during 2019 and we will follow-up with another full survey in 2020.