Waste Water Treatment Plant & Landfill Joint Committee

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To provide governance for the joint services entered into by the Porirua and Wellington City Councils through the joint venture agreements for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Spicer Valley Landfill and the associated land.

Specific responsibilities

The Wastewater Treatment Plan and Landfill Joint Committee shall have responsibility for:

  • overview, input and policy formulation in the areas of management of the Spicer Valley joint landfill operation, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant, as set out in the joint venture agreements, entered into by both Councils, includingdevelopment of Trade Waste Bylaws
  • proposals for infrastructural development relating to the joint ventures
  • new initiatives relating to the joint ventures
  • the land associated with the Treatment Plant and landfill that provides a buffer zone between this infrastructure and the privately owned land. This refers to the reserve land around the treatment plant and landfill including the land known as Spicer Forest and Spicer Botanical Forest
  • the budget for operation of the joint ventures for inclusion in the Councils' Annual Plans / Long Term Council Community Plans
  • receipt of the Annual Report of the joint ventures for inclusion in the Councils' Annual Reports
  • any proposed service changes.


The Wastewater Treatment Plan and Landfill Joint Committee shall have the following delegated powers and be accountable to Council for the exercising of these powers.

  1. The powers of the Joint Standing Committee as described in the Deed Relating to Joint Works dated 22 December 1986 and the powers of the Joint Committee as described in the Agreement Relating to Joint Refuse Disposal Works dated 2 May 1983
  2. Setting of fees and charges related to the operation of the Spicer Valley Landfill and recommending the basis for charging for trade wastes at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  3. Decisions on acceptance of wastes into the Spicer Valley Landfill and Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In exercising the delegated powers, the Wastewater Treatment Plan and Landfill Joint Committee will operate within:

  • policies, plans, standards or guidelines that have been established and approved by Council
  • the overall priorities of Council
  • the needs of the local communities
  • the approved budgets for the activity.

Power to delegate

The Wastewater Treatment Plan and Landfill Joint Committee may not delegate any of its responsibilities, duties or powers.


The chairperson and members of the Wastewater Treatment Plan and Landfill Joint is as follows:

  • Cr Tim Sheppard (Porirua City Council - Chairperson)
  • Cr Malcolm Sparrow (Wellington City Council - Deputy Chairperson)
  • Cr Ana Coffey (Porirua City Council)
  • Cr Bronwyn Kropp (Porirua City Council)
  • Includes Appointee as nominated by Wellington City Council.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt one or more councillors and/or other suitably qualified persons, with interests in special topics, for the duration of the Committee’s consideration of those topics.


The quorum at any meeting of the Committee shall be not less than 3 members of the Committee.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee shall meet at least two monthly or as required.

Relationships with other parties

  • Porirua City Council
  • Te Komiti
  • Wellington City Council

The Chief Executive is responsible for servicing and providing support to the Committee in the completion of its duties and responsibilities. The Chief Executive generally appoints a General Manager to provide these functions on his/her behalf.

Contacts with media and outside agencies

The Committee Chairperson is the authorised spokesperson for the Committee in all matters where the Committee has authority or a particular interest.

Committee members, including the Chairperson, do not have delegated authority to speak to the media and/or outside agencies on behalf of Council on matters outside of the Committee’s delegations.

The General Manager of Asset Management and Operations will manage the formal communications between the Committee and its constituents and for the Committee in the exercise of its business.

Conduct of affairs

The Committee shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the Local Authorities (Members’ Interests) Act 1968, Council’s Standing Orders and Code of Conduct.

Public access and reporting

Notification of meetings to the public and public access to meetings and information shall comply with Standing Orders, but it should be noted that:

  • At any meeting of the Committee at which no resolutions or decisions are made, the provisions of Standing Orders relating to public access do not apply.
  • Workshop meetings solely for information and discussions and at which no resolutions or decisions are made may be held in accordance with Standing Orders.
  • Extraordinary meetings of the Committee may be held in accordance with Standing Orders.
  • The public may be excluded from the whole or part of the proceedings of the meeting and information withheld on one or more of the grounds specified in the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 s.48.
  • The Committee shall record minutes of all its proceedings and present the minutes to the next available Council meeting following the Committee meeting.

The Committee shall record minutes of all its proceedings and present the minutes to the next available Council meeting following the Committee meeting.
Waste Water Treatment Plant and Landfill Terms of Reference (88KB PDF)

Committee minutes and administration

Porirua City Council is responsible for the the committee's administration, with meetings held in their Council Chambers. Meeting minutes can be found their website:

Meetings search - Porirua City