Koata Hātepe
Regulatory Processes Committee


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Area of focus

  • Naming places in accordance with the naming policy, except for regionally significant decisions
  • Development contribution remissions
  • Leases, licences, and easements
  • Objections to classifications under the Dog Control Act 1996
  • Suburb boundaries
  • Traffic resolutions
  • Temporary road closures
  • Road stopping
  • Approving the list of Resource Management Act commissioners and the associated appointment guidelines.


  • Councillor Sarah Free (Chair)
  • Councillor Ben McNulty (Deputy Chair)
  • Mayor Tory Whanau  
  • Councillor Nureddin Abdurahman 
  • Councillor Diane Calvert 
  • Pouiwi Holden Hohaia, Tākai Here representative 
  • Pouiwi Liz Kelly, Tākai Here representative 

Terms of Reference

Regulatory Processes Committee Terms of References and Delegations 2022-2025 (185KB PDF)

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