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Planning and Environment Committee


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A committee with similar delegations existed for the 2019-2022 triennium called the Strategy and Policy Committee.

Meeting Schedule 2021

Meeting schedule 2021

Note: Meeting times and dates are publicly notified and subject to change. To confirm dates, please contact Democracy Services.

Area of Focus 

       1. The Planning and Environment Committee has the following responsibilities:

a. RMA matters
b. Urban Planning, District Plan
c. Built environment
d. Natural environment and biodiversity
e. Future Development Strategy, Spatial Plans and Housing Supply
f. Climate Change Response and Resilience
g. Heritage
h. Transport Strategy and Planning, including significant traffic resolutions
i. Parking policy
j. Submissions to Government or other local authorities
k. Regulatory activity and compliance
l. Planning and approval of business cases for Let’s Get Wellington Moving, associated traffic resolutions and other non-financial statutory powers necessary for the progressing the business cases (such as decisions under the Local Government Act 1974)
m. Implementing and monitoring delivery of the affordable housing strategy

       2. The committee has the responsibility to discuss and approve a forward agenda.


  • Mayor Andy Foster
  • Councillor Diane Calvert
  • Councillor Jenny Condie
  • Councillor Jill Day
  • Councillor Fleur Fitzsimons
  • Councillor Laurie Foon
  • Deputy Mayor Sarah Free
  • Councillor Rebecca Matthews
  • Councillor Teri O’Neill
  • Councillor Iona Pannett (Chair)
  • Councillor Tamatha Paul (Deputy Chair)
  • Councillor Sean Rush
  • Councillor Malcolm Sparrow
  • Councillor Simon Woolf
  • Councillor Nicola Young
  • Liz Kelly - representative of Ngāti Toa
  • One representative of Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika nominated by the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust and appointed by Council

Terms of Reference

Planning and Environment Committee - Terms of Reference and Delegations - 2019/22 (180KB)

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