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Minutes for Confirmation
Thursday 24 March 2011

Conflict of Interest Declarations


Public Participation


Report 1
Portfolio: Finance
New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency

Report 2
Portfolio: Arts and Culture
‘Capitalising on Culture’: Arts and Culture Strategy Scoping Paper

Report 3
Portfolio: Built Environment
Built Heritage Incentive Fund: Review of Conditions and Criteria

Report 4
Portfolio: Natural Environment
Classification of Land Under the Reserves Act 1977

Report 5
Portfolio: SPC
Forward Programme

Report 6 To be circulated
Portfolio: Governance
NZ Planning Institute Conference – Winds of Change


Report 1 (198Kb PDF)

Report 2 (137Kb PDF)

Report 3 (49Kb PDF)

Report 4 (148Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 1 part 1 (652Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 1 part 2 (2933Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 1 part 3 (1380Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 2 part 1 (18954Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 2 part 2 (10Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 3 (26Kb PDF)

Report 4 appendix 4 (81Kb PDF)

Report 5 (46Kb PDF)

Report 6 (250Kb PDF)

Report 6 App 1 (169Kb PDF)

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