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Conflict of Interest Declarations


Public Participation

“Free Outdoor Gyms for Wellington”

Report 1
Portfolio: Natural Environment
Oral Hearings – Classification of Land under the Reserves Act 1977

Report 2
Portfolio: Three Waters and Waste
Water Efficiency and Conservation – Report on Consultation and Adoption of a Recommended Plan

Report 3
Portfolio: Three Waters and Waste
Draft Regional Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Report 4
Portfolio: Climate Change
Submission on the Government’s 2011 Review of the Emissions Trading Scheme

Report 5
Portfolio: Built Environment (District Plan)
Proposed District Plan Change 76: General Minor Amendments to District Plan Text and Maps V

Report 6
Portfolio: Natural Environment
Revocation of Reserve Status and Disposal of Property – 89 Woodburn Drive, Takapu Valley

Report 7
Portfolio: Natural Environment
Classification of Land Vested in the Council as Reserve and Classification of Other Land


Petition - Officers Response (14Kb PDF)

Report 1 (42Kb PDF)

Report 1 - Appendix 1 (1112Kb PDF)

Report 2 (137Kb PDF)

Report 2 - Appendix 1 (490Kb PDF)

Report 2 - Appendix 2a (461Kb PDF)

Report 2 - Appendix 2b (21Kb PDF)

Report 2 - Appendix 3 (22Kb PDF)

Report 2 - Appendix 4 (42Kb PDF)

Report 3 (123Kb PDF)

Report 3 - Appendix 1 (1132Kb PDF)

Report 3 - Appendix 2 (1428Kb PDF)

Report 3 - Appendix 3 (14Kb PDF)

Report 4 (55Kb PDF)

Report 4 - Appendix 1 (81Kb PDF)

Report 5 (279Kb PDF)

Report 5 - Appendix 1 (67Kb PDF)

Report 5 - Appendix 1a Maps (41335Kb PDF)

Report 5 - Appendix 2 (151Kb PDF)

Report 6 (483Kb PDF)

Report 7 (198Kb PDF)

Report 7 - Appendix 1 (9661Kb PDF)

Report 7 - Appendix 2 (25950Kb PDF)

Report 7 - Appendix 3 (1012Kb PDF)

Report 7 - Appendix 4 (44Kb PDF)

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Information and recommendations contained in all agendas and reports are recommendations only and are not to be construed, in any way, as Council policy until adopted. Minutes are unconfirmed until confirmed at a subsequent meeting.

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