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Mayor Prendergast

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Report 1
Portfolio: Environment (Report from Capacity)
Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan

Report 2
Portfolio: Social
Submission on the Law Commission’s Issues Paper 15: Alcohol in Our Lives: An Issues Paper on the Reform of New Zealand’s Liquor Laws

Report 3
Portfolio: Urban Development and Transport
Proposed Speed Limit Reduction: Tinakori Road Shopping Area, Thorndon

Report 4
Urban Development and Transport
Heritage Grants

Report 5
Portfolio: Economic Development and Recreation
Granting of a New Lease to Building Biology and Ecology Institute

Report 6
Portfolio: Urban Development and Transport
Request for Purchase and/or Rezoning of Part of Lot 100 DP 335825, G and R Fagan, 28 Sunhaven Drive, Newlands

Report 7
Portfolio: Organisational
New Zealand Recreation Association Conference, Hastings, 1 – 4 November 2009


Report 1 (428Kb PDF)

Report 2 (67Kb PDF)

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Report 3 (59Kb PDF)

Report 4 (271Kb PDF)

Report 5 (53Kb PDF)

Report 5 - Appendix 1 (554Kb PDF)

Report 5 - Appendix 2 (17Kb PDF)

Report 6 (96Kb PDF)

Report 6 - Appendix 1 (245Kb PDF)

Report 6 - Appendix 2 (139Kb PDF)

Report 6 - Appendix 3 (10Kb PDF)

Report 6 - Appendix 4 (168Kb PDF)

Report 6 - Appendix 5 (2491Kb PDF)

Report 7 (47Kb PDF)

Report 7 - Appendix 1 (77Kb PDF)

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