Proposed Happy Valley Camping Subcommittee (disestablished October 2016)

We currently have enough camp sites for self-contained motor homes and campervans, but there’s increasing demand for camping sites suitable for non-self-contained vehicles or tents.

If approved, the Wellington City Council propose to develop a low-cost campground in the car park area, subject to resource consent.

The development of a campground would include all-weather surfacing and access, signage, lighting, ablutions, basic kitchen facility, rubbish bins and amenity planting. The site could accommodate up to 33 camping sites (approximately 18 campervans parks, nine carparks, one mobility park and five tent sites, subject to further detailed design).

We will also need to consider how the campground will be best managed. Options might include:
- development and management by a private provider
- a self-service facility with daily or twice-daily visits to manage it
- a Council-managed campground with an onsite camp manager.