Governance, Finance & Planning Committee (disestablished October 2016)

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Areas of focus

The Committee is responsible for:

  • long-term planning, setting the strategic direction for the city, agreeing outcomes, priorities, performance frameworks and annual budgets
  • the long-term plan, annual plan, annual report, and quarterly reports
  • making sure residents are kept informed about what the Council is doing, are able to have their say, and feel confident that their views count



Deputy Mayor Justin Lester


  • Mayor Celia Wade-Brown
  • All Councillors
Quorum: 8 members

Terms of reference (delegations)

The Committee will have responsibility for:

  • annual and 3-year priority setting
  • Long Term Plan (LTP) / Annual Plan
  • governance processes and documents
  • regional governance
  • funding and financial Policies (Revenue and Financing Policy and Financial Strategy)
  • Development Contributions Policy
  • Annual Report
  • Quarterly Report
  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Significance Policy
  • Rates Remission and Postponement Policy
  • underperforming land project
  • community engagement

As well as the common delegations, the Committee will have authority to:

1. develop the Council's draft and final LTP, Annual Plan, and all other policies required under the Local Government Act 2002 to be included in the LTP (including but not limited to the funding and financial policies and the Significance Policy) for recommendation to Council;

2. determine the form and extent of public consultation methods to be employed for the draft Annual Plan and LTP;'

3. receive and consider reports on the Council’s performance against the LTP and Annual Plan;

4. review and recommend to Council the adoption of the Annual Report;

5. set fees in accordance with legislative requirements unless the fees are set under a bylaw or set as part of the LTP or Annual Plan (in which case the decision is retained by Council and the committee has the power of recommendation);

6. approve exceeding the budget level for an Activity Area with no commensurate savings elsewhere, up to $500,000 and recommend to Council amounts exceeding $500,000

7. review, develop and recommend to Council policy and practices in respect of governance (including representation reviews and related issues);

8. oversee, develop and approve an appropriate Council response on the Treaty of Waitangi and relationship with Maori;

9. Undertake any reviews of CCO’s and agree CCO changes to governance arrangements;

10. receive reports from the Council’s Advisory Groups and monitor engagement with the city’s communities;

11. review the Advisory Groups and Forums and agree the preferred model;

12. approve the 3 year Waterfront Development Plan for including in the LTP and agree any variances for including in the Annual Plan that includes broad priorities for work and projected activities for the period, having received recommendations on Urban Design matters from the Transport and Urban Development Committee;

13. approve the attendance and associated costs of elected members at overseas Conferences, Seminars, Training or Events, representing the Council;

14. establish the Council Airport Liaison Working Group.

Full Terms of Reference and Delegations 2013/16 (1.8MB PDF) l Text version (123KB RTF)

Relevant portfolios

Community Engagement (Portfolio Leader: Cr Woolf), with responsibility for

  • Engagement Action Plan
  • advisory groups
  • access to venues 
  • volunteers

Advisory groups

  • Pacific Advisory Group
  • Youth Council
  • Accessibility Advisory Group

Asset management plans

Commercial Buildings

Frequency of meetings

As and when required.