Community, Sport & Recreation Committee (disestablished October 2016)


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Areas of focus

The focus of the Committee is to build strong, safe, health communities for a better quality of life to be responsible for social infrastructure (including social housing), social cohesion, encourage healthy lifestyles, support local community events, protect public safety to provide a wide range of recreation and sporting facilities for residents and visitors to use and enjoy.



Cr Paul Eagle


All Councillors

Quorum: 8 members

Terms of reference (delegations)

The Community, Sport and Recreation Committee will have responsibility for:

  • marinas
  • libraries
  • sportsfields
  • social housing
  • community centres and halls
  • swimming pools
  • burials and cremations
  • city safety
  • public health and regulations
  • synthetic sportsfields
  • recreation centres
  • recreation partnerships
  • recreation programmes
  • playgrounds
  • golf course
  • access support (Leisure Card)
  • community advocacy
  • public toilets
  • community resilience
  • community leases

Full Terms of Reference and Delegations 2013/16 (1.8 MB)

Relevant portfolio

  • Community Resilience (Portfolio Leader: Cr Sparrow), with responsibility for liaison with Community Emergency Management Volunteers and WREMO outreach
  • CDEM Meetings with Mayor
  • Community Resilience Initiatives - eg Neighbours Day
  • Community Facilities (Portfolio Leader Councillor Sarah Free), with responsibility for libraries and community centres and halls

Relevant grants

  • Social and Recreation Fund
  • School Pools Partnership Fund
  • The CH Izard Bequest

Asset management plans

  • Social Housing
  • Community Facilities

Frequency of meetings

6 weekly