Annual Plan/Long Term Plan Committee

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Meeting Schedule 2020

Meeting schedule 2020

Note: Meeting times and dates are publicly notified and subject to change. To confirm dates, please contact Democracy Services.

Area of Focus

The Long-term and Annual Plan give effect to the strategic direction and outcomes set by the Strategy and Policy Committee by setting levels of service and budgets.

The Committee is responsible for overseeing the development of the Draft Annual and Long-term Plan for consultation, determining the scope and approach of any consultation and engagement required, and recommending the final Long-term Plan and Annual Plans to the Council. 


  • Mayor Andy Foster (Deputy Chair)
  • Councillor Diane Calvert
  • Councillor Jenny Condie
  • Councillor Jill Day
  • Councillor Fleur Fitzsimons
  • Councillor Laurie Foon
  • Deputy Mayor Sarah Free (Chair)
  • Councillor Rebecca Matthews
  • Councillor Teri O’Neill
  • Councillor Iona Pannett
  • Councillor Tamatha Paul
  • Councillor Sean Rush
  • Councillor Malcolm Sparrow
  • Councillor Simon Woolf
  • Councillor Nicola Young
  • Terms of Reference

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