Local and international networks

We are a member of networks and alliances to share knowledge, collaborate on common problems and learn about best practice.

These relationships are generally not city-to-city, but are instead activity or industry focused.

International networks

Wellington is currently engaged in the following international networks:

Local networks

Our international relationships rely on a network of volunteers from the community, these volunteers form sister city associations and work alongside Wellington City Council to strengthen community ties to the city-to-city relationship.

The Council works closely with sister city associations in planning major events and activities which are directly linked to sister city relationships, these include activities such as classes and workshops, facilitating exhibitions and events, promoting education exchanges and other important initiatives.

The following associations have been established to further sister city relationships in Wellington:

Wellington City Council also a member of Global Cities New Zealand.

Contact us

If you would like to know more or get involved with our sister cities, please email internationalrelations@wcc.govt.nz