Emergency management in Wellington

Find out how you can get support and receive the latest information on an emergency situation in Wellington City.

If an emergency occurs in Wellington City, the Council activates a specially trained team of staff who will coordinate local response activities from the Council’s dedicated Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). 

For larger emergencies affecting multiple council areas, Greater Wellington Regional Council will coordinate activities across the active EOCs.

Emergency updates

In an emergency, you will be able to see the latest updates for the situation on this website and wremo.nz

At the bottom of this page you'll also find links to WREMO's Twitter and Facebook pages, how to prepare for an emergency, and where your nearest Community Emergency Hub is located. 

About Wellington City Council’s EOC

The Wellington City Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is activated when an emergency response requires multi-agency or multi-incident coordination. It is operated and managed by Council staff, with representatives from emergency services and support agencies.

The building was purpose-built in 1995 with its own water, electricity, communications and sewerage facilities. This means that communications and essential services can keep operating during a major emergency that affects the city's utilities.

In 2011, some internal improvements were made to the building to increase the building's day-to-day capacity and its ability to respond to a major emergency event.


Formed in 2012, Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) conducts a range of activities on behalf of nine councils in the Wellington region, to assist Councils in the preparedness of their communities.

WREMO are based in offices across the region, including within the Wellington City Council EOC building in Thorndon.

More information

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office

Phone: 04 830 4279
Email: info@wremo.nz
Website: wremo.nz