Capital & Coast District Health Board

Election 2013: Final results for the Capital and Coast District Health Board. The total number of valid votes processed was 74,704. The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 8,549.25. There were 3,689 informal votes and 7,449 blank votes.

The candidate at the top of the list received the most votes while the candidate at the bottom of the list received the least.

Vacancies: 7

Candidate   Status  Iteration  Votes
Sue Kedgley
Promoting Good Health Elected  1 10,034
Chris Laidlaw  Independent Elected  2 9,449.60
Judith Aitken   Elected  8 9,336.23
Nick Leggett Independent Elected  22 9,307.81 
Virginia Hope Independent
Elected  45 10,183.78 
Helene Ritchie Independent Elected  45 8,990.10
David Choat Labour Elected
 49 8,696.28
Grant Brookes Health First Not elected  49 7,327.32
Camilia Chin Independent Not elected  44 4,351.10
Russell Franklin Independent Not elected
 43 3,914.65
Nigel Wilson Independent
Not elected
 38 3,380.08
Sally Dunbar Independent
Not elected  35 2,539.08
Kiri Rikihana   Not elected  33 2,227.34
Ian Murphy Independent Not elected
 30 1,596.83
Marianne Bishop   Not elected  29 1,552.10
Dave Talbot   Not elected  24 1,353.16
Allie Crombie   Not elected  21 1,288.24
Chris Lipscombe Independent Not elected  17 1,232.45
Megan Williams Independent  Not elected  13 1,174.55
Tony Simpson Independent  Not elected  8 920.62
John Hayes   Not elected  7 897.59
David Carter   Not elected  4 560.25
Keith Johnson Independent
Not elected  3 471.61

Elected candidate - This candidate is declared elected.

Not elected candidates - These are listed from the last candidate excluded during the STV counting process to the first - in reverse order of exclusion.

  • The first 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded last.
  • The last 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded first.
  • Candidates with the fewest numbers of votes are excluded first. After a candidate is excluded from the counting, his or her votes are redistributed to the other candidates still in the race in accordance with individual voters' preferences.