Capital & Coast District Health Board

Election 2016: Final results for the Capital and Coast District Health Board. The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 9,194.14 were 3,773 informal votes and 10,597 blank votes.

The candidate at the top of the list received the most votes while the candidate at the bottom of the list received the least.

Vacancies: 7

Candidate   Status  Iteration  Votes
Fran Wilde
  Elected 1 14,166.00
Sue Kedgley Promoting Good Health Elected 2 10,163.82
Eileen Brown New Zealand Labour Party Elected 16 9,572.42
'Ana Coffey Independent Elected 17 9,678.06
Kathryn Adams
Elected 18 9,828.27
Roger Blakeley Independent Elected 20 9,485.79
Sue Driver Independent Elected 24 9,196.56
Helene Ritchie Independent Not elected 24 8,911.27
Grant Brookes   Not elected 17 6,269.03
Sue Teng Green Party Not elected
15 5,427.50
Ross Church   Not elected
13 4,319.40
Ian Scott   Not elected 12 3,846.09
Paul Dudfield Better Health Services Not elected 10 2,881.75
Tavita Joseph Filemoni Independent Not elected
9 2,228.57
John Apanowicz Independent Not elected 8 2,074.44
Judy Siers Independent Not elected 6 1,508.09
Stan Litras   Not elected 5 944.92
Helen Robinson Independent Not elected 4 771.59
Norbert Hausberg Independent Not elected 3 615.42
Paul Douglas Independent Not elected 2 433.38

Elected candidate This candidate is declared elected.

Not elected candidates These are listed from the last candidate excluded during the STV counting process to the first - in reverse order of exclusion.

  • The first 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded last.
  • The last 'not elected' candidate listed was excluded first.
  • Candidates with the fewest numbers of votes are excluded first. After a candidate is excluded from the counting, his or her votes are redistributed to the other candidates still in the race in accordance with individual voters' preferences.

Calculator commentary and iteration report (62KB PDF)

CCDHB 2016 election final results (46KB PDF)