Our procurement policies and strategies

Find out why and how we procure the way we do.

All procurement activities are delivered according to, and in alignment with the following policies and strategies:

Procurement Strategy

This procurement and commercial strategy acts as our overarching framework for procurement, and explains our values, strategic objectives and principles.

It is due to be refreshed in late 2024 as we re-evaluate our procurement process.

Procurement Strategy (498KB PDF)

Procurement Policy

This operational procurement policy defines how we will conduct procurement activities. It describes what the commercial lifecycle looks like, what activities may be involved, and what roles of the Council are important in these activities.

Procurement Policy (208KB PDF)

Broader Outcomes Strategy

Our commitment to commercial activities that enable positive social, cultural, economic and environmental outcomes. It compliments our procurement policy and transport strategy, one that focuses on social and sustainable procurement.

Broader Outcomes Strategy (329KB PDF)

Transport Procurement Strategy

Our approach to efficiently deliver our transport programme for the period 2023-2026, as a requirement for projects co-funded with Waka Kotahi. This is legislated under the Land Transport Management Act 2003.

Transport Procurement Strategy (1.34MB PDF)