Scaled maps

Information about the types of scaled maps we can supply as hard copy or PDFs.

Maps up to A3 size

Scaled maps up to and including A3 size can be created and printed, while you wait, at the City Service Centre.

Common map layers include:

  • aerial photos
  • contours
  • addresses
  • services (water, sewer, stormwater)
  • parcel boundaries and legal descriptions.

The following charges apply:

  A4 size A3 size
Maps without contours $14.30 $22.50
Maps with contours $22.50 $30.70

All charges include GST.

More information

City Service Centre
12 Manners Street

Phone: (04) 499 4444

Spatial and Business Intelligence team

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Aerial photo, water and drainage map.
Aerial photo, water and drainage map