Paddy the Wanderer

Next to the Queens Wharf gates is a tribute to a unique wharf character – a dog nicknamed Paddy the Wanderer.

Plaque and drinking fountain to commemorate Paddy the Wanderer.
Commemorating Paddy the Wanderer

Paddy took to wandering the wharves after his young owner died in 1928. Befriended by watersiders, seamen, taxi drivers and others he quickly became a waterfront identity.

He took trips to Nelson, Picton and Australia and flew in a Gypsy Moth aircraft.

When he died in 1939, a procession of taxis took his body to be cremated and a death notice appeared in the newspaper at the time, The Evening Post.

A plaque and drinking fountain using stones from Waterloo Bridge in London were erected in his honour on the southern façade of the building which now houses the Academy of Fine Arts and the Queens Wharf Apartments.