Night works

To ensure that your city is in the best possible condition our operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From time to time this will mean we need to carry out some activities after normal working hours and throughout the night.  We aim to advise affected locals when non-routine activities are planned by using letter drops, advertising in local papers and on the radio, and posting on our Facebook page and Twitter.  You can also find project specific information at the bottom of this page.

Routine after-hours works

There are a number of aspects of our work that need to be carried out after normal working hours. Routine after hours work includes line marking of the road, the maintenance of street lights, and street cleaning in the CBD. We carry out this work at night because there is less traffic about and traffic flows are not affected as much. Lower traffic volumes also make things safer for our workers.

  • Carrying out line marking at night means there is less likelihood of wet paint being driven over by traffic resulting in a messy looking job.
  • Street lighting that is out is easily seen at night, which helps us fix the right things.  Access for the large vehicles used for this work is also easier when there is less traffic about.
  • Cleaning of our CBD is a complex process and working at night means we can use our machines on the footpath with minimal risk to pedestrians. We also collect your rubbish and recycling during this time.

All of these activities will unfortunately generate some disruption, but we always endeavour to minimise this and complete work in the shortest possible time. We ask that you are patient with our contractors while we get this necessary work completed. 

The contractors carrying out this work are also asked to minimise noise as much as possible.

Planned after-hours works

From time to time we need to carry out some planned works after normal working hours. A decision to do planned night work after 11pm is not made lightly, and we consider all alternative options before approving it. Some factors include there being far less traffic about at night, so working at these times minimises disruption to many peoples' day to day activities, and also helps us to best manage workers' safety.

We will try and minimise the nuisance that this type of work causes by limiting the noisiest machines to work to before 11pm. 

Emergency works

Sometimes we will need to carry out emergency works. These works are unplanned and may cause disruption. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this, but we will minimise disruption and noise as much as we can.

Concerns and enquiries

If you have concerns or enquiries about our contractors' work, please call 04 499 4444 and we will arrange to have a member of our staff contact you.