Business & trade parking

If you are a business, you can apply for a loading zone permit or trade parking coupons in Wellington city.

Loading zone sign

Loading zone permits

There are loading zones throughout the city to enable businesses to deliver and receive goods. Only vehicles designed and used for transporting goods and authorised vehicles can use the zones.

If you own or operate a vehicle and park it on the street to deliver to a business, you need to display a loading zone permit.

How to apply

To apply for a new permit or renew your permit, you need to:

  • complete the Loading Zone Permit Application form below
  • write a letter to the Council and state why you need a permit for your business
  • pay the permit fee: $60.50 (annual and renewable).

Loading Zone Permit Application Form (185KB PDF)

Return your application, with full payment, to the Council's Service Centre.

Suburb trade coupons

Suburb trade coupons allow you to park your trade vehicle in zones signposted as residents' and coupon parking areas. Display your coupon clearly.

You can park Monday - Friday between 8.00am and 6.00pm, excluding public holidays.

You can purchase a book of five coupons. When buying them you will need to show evidence of your trade, such as a business card or job sheet.

Coupon Parking

Central Business District (CBD) trade coupons

Central business district (CBD) trade coupons allow you to park your trade vehicle on meters or in areas where time restrictions apply, such as P120 areas.

Vehicles displaying a CBD trade coupon can park in these zones Monday - Sunday, excluding public holidays.

You can buy coupons for a half or full day.

Half-day coupons: Park 8am - 1pm, or 1pm - 6pm, Monday - Friday

Full-day coupons: Park 8am - 6pm, Monday - Friday

Full-day coupons Weekends: Park 8am - 6pm Saturday - Sunday

Coupon Parking


Coupon type Charge
Suburban trade coupon $12.00
Half-day CBD trade coupon Weekdays $22.50
Full-day CBD trade coupon Weekdays $45.00
Full-day CBD trade coupon Weekends $22.50

Where to pay

You can pay for coupons and permits at the Council's Service Centre.

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