Towed vehicles

What to do if your vehicle has been towed.

Sign warning illegally parked cars will be towed.

Parked on a public road in the central business district

Vehicles towed from a public road in the Wellington central business district are relocated to either public parking spaces in Barnett Street or Glenmore Street (depending on where the vehicle was originally located).

Parked on a public road in Wellington suburbs

Vehicles towed from a public road in southern Wellington suburbs are relocated as close to the street location from where they were towed from where possible. Alternatively they may be relocated to Hutchison Road.

Parked on a public road in Miramar 24 hour restriction

Vehicles towed from Miramar 24 hour parking restriction are relocated to Tirangi Road.

Parked by a Council City Housing complex

If your vehicle's been towed from one of the Council's City Housing complexes, contact:

Council Contact Centre
Phone: 04 499 4444

Parked where there are road works

If a parked vehicle is in the way when road works are being carried out, the road working contractors can arrange to have it towed while the road works are carried out: Road works - Move vehicles for road works

Stolen vehicles

Contact the Police:

Police Communications
Phone: 04 381 2000