Street lights and LEDs

Courtenay Place at night.

Courtenay Place is lit up with LED street lights

Who looks after street lights

Both Wellington City Council and Wellington Electricity share responsibilities for our street lights.

Wellington City Council is responsible for the light, pole and fittings for each street light, and maintaining the vegetation around street light poles and power lines.  The Council will likely be the resolver if only one or two lights is out as that suggests a problem with the light itself.

If there are three or more out in a row, then it is likely to be an electricity network fault, i.e. there’s a problem with the electricity supply rather than the light.  This is the responsibility of Wellington Electricity.  Only Wellington Electricity can repair electricity lines or the cabling connecting the light pole to the lines.

You can report both types of street light faults to the Council.  We will log the fault and pass it on to the appropriate team, including Wellington Electricity.

How to report a broken street light

You can report a broken street light by:

When you contact us, it's important to let us know:

  • the specific location of the light
  • if it has a communication dome on the top
  • whether it is just one light or several in a row or in a wide area.

This will help us direct the problem to the appropriate team for fixing.

About LEDs

Benefits of LEDs

When LEDs are first switched on

Flickering and strobing

LED colour and brightness

Vegetation around streetlights and powerlines

Newly installed street lights