Street lights

Courtenay Place at night.

Courtenay Place is lit up with LED street lights

How to report a broken street light

You can report a broken street light by:

Please be really specific about the location of the broken street light.

LED lighting

LED street lights are installed in Courtenay Place, Allen and Blair streets, along with some streets and parks in Tawa, Kelburn and Newtown.

LED lights provide a softer white light that can be directed where it is needed and are more energy efficient when compared to the older metal halide street lights. Switching to LED lights will provide the following benefits:

  • Better light that gives clearer colours and detail - leading to safer streets
  • Less light pollution as the light can be directed
  • Cleaner for our environment - recyclable and contain no toxic material
  • Energy saving - use a third of the energy compared to existing lights
  • Longer life - last four to six times longer
  • Reduce the city's power and maintenance bills
  • Quick to light up
  • Easily dimmed or brightened as appropriate to the location