Street light outages

Report a faulty street light.

How to check if an outage has been reported

Before you report an outage, please view the Street Lights Outages Map below. If there is a red dot at the location, the outage has already been reported and there’s no need to log it again. Clicking on a red dot will tell you when the outage was reported, the estimated fix date and any other information available.

Reporting an outage

To help us direct the problem to the appropriate team for fixing, it's important to let us know:

  1. the specific location of the light
  2. if it has a communication dome on the top
  3. whether it is just one light or several in a row or in a wide area.
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How long does it take to fix a street light outage?

The standard time for fixing an outage is 15 working days. Simple replacements can be completed within 24 hours of an outage being reported. Outages that require a network fix, traffic management or underground work take longer to resolve.

Outage types are typically one of the following:

  • pole replacement
  • network fault
  • Wellington Electricity cable fault
  • Wellington City Council controller device fault
  • damaged equipment.

Pilot Project

Phase one

The map above is part of a project to show details of street light outages that have been reported in Wellington, making it easier for people to know if they need to report an outage. This map is updated each weekday morning.

Phase two

Phase two of the project will focus on updating the map in real time. Read the street light outage map media release