Get yellow lines on my street

If you are concerned about where people are parking on a Wellington street then we can look in to installing road markings, such as broken yellow lines or L-bars, to show where they can and cannot park.

Cars parked along a street featuring yellow no-parking lines and l bar parking zones.

"L" bars

If vehicles are repeatedly parking too close to a driveway, installing white painted “L” bars can be an effective way to show where people can and cannot park.

Yellow lines

For yellow lines to be legally enforceable, we need to follow a public notified traffic resolution process before installing them. This involves talking to neighbours about how it may result in fewer on-street parks, and finding out if they support having them installed.

Get a parking review

Contact us if you would like a review of parking in your street.


It is an offence for anyone to park over a driveway. If someone is parking over your driveway, call Council Parking Services on (04) 499 4444.