Get a speed hump on my street

If you are concerned about the speed of traffic on a Wellington street then we can look in to installing traffic calming measures, such as speed humps and chicanes, or kerb extensions at an intersection.

Cars parked along a street featuring a speed hump.

Speed humps

These are designed to alter the behaviour of traffic and encourage motorists to drive more slowly and carefully.

To alter a street and install any traffic calming measures, we need to follow a formal traffic consultation process. This involves prioritising requests based on vehicle speeds, crash prevention, and safety benefits for vulnerable road users. We will also look at crash history, traffic volumes, and whether there is significant support from affected parties.

Get a traffic review

Contact us if you would like a review of the speed of traffic in your street.

Dangerous driving

If you see anyone driving dangerously, please call NZ Police on 111, or *555 from a cellphone.