Supporting community gardens

Here are some of the ways the Council can support your community garden.

We support community gardens by providing funding support, leasing land, and establishing access to compost.

Leasing Council land

The Council has guidelines and an application form for groups seeking to set up a new community garden on Council-owned land.

Wellington City Council funds and grants

Stone Soup Fund

This fund uses a collaborative funding model to support community gardens throughout Wellington. Community gardens that are already set up are invited to apply for funding. Garden representatives then meet together, and funding is allocated using a collective consensus process.  

Social and Recreation Fun

This fund aims to support projects and organisations that deliver outcomes to improve community safety, wellbeing and connectedness.

Natural Environment Fund

This fund supports community environmental projects that help grow our natural capital.

Compost Grant

Each year the Council sets aside some compost (from Capital Compost) to support schools and community gardens. Eligible organisations can apply for the grant every two years. 

Need help?

For more information get in touch. 

Community Services team
Phone: 04 499 4444