Wheelie bin clip

Wellington City Council has distributed clips to every household in the capital that currently has a recycling wheelie bin – to help keep a lid on it.

Illustration of a recycling bin with a bin clip on it.

This initiative is part of Council’s Long-term Plan 2018-28 commitment to protect and enhance Wellington’s natural environment.

Residents who qualified for a recycling wheelie bin have been provided with one free wheelie bin clip per household. 

Clips were distributed to letter boxes from late November-December 2018.  

If you have a Council recycling wheelie bin, and haven’t received a clip yet, please contact us on 04 499 4444 and we’ll look into it. 

If you don't have a recycling wheelie bin and you fit the criteria and order a recycling wheelie bin from us after distribution, we will automatically deliver a wheelie bin clip, recycling calendar and brochure to your household. 

We printed the installation instructions on the packaging and there are illustrations below – or you can watch this video on how to install your clip. NB: Soaking the clip in cold water first makes it easier to install, and the clip is best fitted on the right-hand side of the wheelie bin looking from the front. 

Who gets a recycling wheelie bin clip?

Criteria for wheelie bin and clip



I already have a wheelie bin clip



Broken clips, lost clips and theft

About the wheelie bin clip

Issues with your recycling wheelie bin and clip

What goes in the recycling wheelie bin?

What if I leave my property?

Tender and testing process


More information

If you can’t find the information you need on our website, visit the supplier’s website: safewaste.co.nz or the wheelie bin clip manufacturer Synapco.

Please contact 04 499 4444 to provide any feedback on the wheelie bin clip.