Donate items

Dropping off a mattress at the Second Treasures shop, Southern Landfill.

Dropping off a matress to the Second Treasures shop at the landfill

Organisations that accept donated items

These organisations generally welcome donated items - just give them a call first in case they have too much stock.

Dress for Success
Good quality women's clothing - providing appropriate outfits to women going for their first job or work experience.

Drop off unwanted books, Cds, DVDs, vinyl and puzzles for our annual bookfair.

Food rescued from retailers that is good enough to eat, but not good enough to sell - redistributed to charities working with people in need.

Kiwi Community Assistance
Fresh produce, non-perishable food, clothing, footwear, books, toys and household goods, including furniture and whiteware - 100% of donations given to families in need.

New Zealand Red Cross
Good quality household items - given to refugees who have just arrived in New Zealand.

The Salvation Army Family Stores
Drop off clothing, furniture, household goods, toys and books. Most Family Stores will also collect donated goods.

Second Treasures shop
Items that are still in usable condition.

The Soup Kitchen
Used men's clothing, basic household items and food - supporting those in our community who are in need.

Wellington City Mission
Find out what food and goods we are short on for our Foodbank and Drop-in Centre.

Wellington Curtain Bank
Good quality, used curtains and fabric - provided free to to Community Service Card holders.

Women's Refuge
Good quality items - given to women and their children who suffer from domestic violence in your local area.

Give it away online

Online community where people share their time, skills, transport, and old or used goods.

If you have something to give, we can put you in touch with worthy organisations who are waiting to receive.

Join the 2,000 Wellington members of this free trading system.

The Waste Exchange
A free service that helps people connect their unwanted materials and recyclables with new owners.