Recycling waste helps businesses to be more resource efficient. This helps both the environment and your bottom line.

Cardboard out for collection

Cardboard out for collection

Free cardboard collection

Civic Contractors provide free cardboard collection in the central business district every Tuesday night. Cardboard must be put out between 5pm and 10pm only, and:

  • be placed out on the curb, away from litter bins
  • not block the footpath
  • be secured so it doesn't blow away in the wind.

Waste audits

Waste audits can help your business save money, as well as reducing climate-change emissions. You can do your own audit, or commission a specialist to come in and do the audit for you.

Find out more about waste audits.

Food waste

Almost a quarter of waste sent to landfill is organic waste. Commercial organic waste is generated by restaurants, the food industry, and agriculture.

Find out more about reducing food waste

Rubbish and recycling collectors 

Daily Waste Limited
Phone: 0800 326 754

Phone: 0800 240 120

Full Circle
Phone: 0800 732 925

Waste Management Recycle
Phone: 04 568 3550 

Woods Waste
Phone: 04 475 9301

Sustainable business resources

Conscious Consumers is an award-winning initiative that rewards cafes and their suppliers using environmentally and socially responsible business practices. 

NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development provides business leadership as a catalyst for change toward sustainable development.

Qualmark's Responsible Tourism Programme and the associated Enviro awards focus on the environmental and social commitments of accommodation providers, visitor activities, transport and services.

Resource Efficiency in Building and Related Industries (REBRI) is an initiative providing resources to reduce waste disposal costs, save money on raw materials, use materials more effectively and reduce the environmental impact from landfill disposal.

Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is a fantastic forum for businesses that are interested in sustainable development practice, events and networking. They supply online tools and annual national awards for corporate sustainability achievements.

Wasteminz is the largest representative body of the waste and resource recovery sector in New Zealand.