Backdoor collections

If you want your rubbish collected from your back door, there is a user-pays service available. For some people, the backdoor rubbish collection is free.

Collecting an official Council rubbish bag.

Paid collection

Backdoor rubbish collection is available for a fee.

For $125 a year, the Council will collect up to two official Council rubbish bags of household rubbish per week from your back door.

To request this service, complete the paid backdoor rubbish collection form (66KB PDF) and send it with a cheque to the Council address indicated on the form.

Free collection

Free backdoor household rubbish collection is available if the Council has assessed and approved your application that:

  • you have a disability / impairment and / or are frail and elderly
  • no one in your household is able to carry the rubbish bags to the kerbside
  • you are experiencing financial hardship - low household income.

Find out if you qualify and send in your application form for free backdoor collection (64KB PDF). If you qualify, the Council will collect two official Council rubbish bags per week from your back door.