Capital compost & garden products

Capital Compost is made at the Southern Landfill using the city's garden waste. You can buy the compost and other soil products in bulk quantities and/or in bags.

Our products

See what we offer by clicking on the headings below or viewing our Capital Compost product brochure (5.4MB PDF).


Garden mix

Lawn mix


Potting mix



Wellington anniversary day – Capital Compost orders

All online orders for Saturday delivery need to be in by Friday 3.30pm.

Any orders received after 3.30pm will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday.

Bagged product - pick up only

Available Monday - Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm or Sunday 9am-4.30pm.

You can pick up our bagged products - choosing from 15L, 25L and 40L bags. (Ultrasoil and topsoil are not available in bags.)

Purchase these from our Tip Shop at the Southern Landfill.

Bulk product - pick up or delivery

If you're wanting 1m3 or more of garden product (equivalent to 25, 40L bags) - then place a bulk order with us online using the order form below, or contact us.

Pick it up yourself

Available Monday - Friday 7.30am-5pm and Sunday 9am-5pm.

You can come through the weighbridge at the Southern Landfill, and buy the bulk compost products. We'll load it onto your trailer.

Get it delivered

Delivery available Monday - Friday: 9am-4pm. Saturday: 10am-3pm.

  • We can deliver bulk orders for an extra charge.
  • You need to place your bulk order a day in advance of delivery.
  • Your total order must be at least 1m3and no more than 12m3 of garden product.
  • The minimum order for both ultrasoil and topsoil is 1m3.
  • The delivery charge is calculated as you fill in the online bulk order form. 

Note: As of 9 January 2020, delivery prices have increased in some suburbs. 

Order bulk quantity

Contact us

Capital Compost
Phone: 0508 TO GROW

Southern Landfill Location and Hours

Helping the environment and the community

We help:

  • the environment by processing about 6,000 tonnes of green waste each year, including food waste from Wellington restaurants and other premises
  • schools, childhood education facilities and community garden groups to create food gardens, or complete native plant-restoration projects, through our community grants.

How the compost is made

Community grant