Capital compost & garden products

Capital Compost is made at the Southern Landfill using the city's garden waste. You can buy the compost and other soil products in bulk quantities and/or in bags.

Composting products.

Capital Compost products

Capital Compost processes about 6,000 tonnes of green waste each year. It includes food waste from Wellington restaurants and other premises collected by Envirowaste KTC and Organic Waste Management.

All of this is processed on site at the Southern Landfill, where you can buy the compost and garden products. You can also phone ahead to arrange delivery of bulk supplies.

Capital Compost

Phone 0508 TO GROW

Location and Hours

Garden products available

  • Compost
  • Garden mix
  • Potting mix
  • Veggie mix
  • Bark mulch
  • Ultrasoil
  • Topsoil

Choose the right product

The Capital Compost Product Brochure (177KB PDF) outlines the purpose of each product, and how to use it.

Bagged products

These products are also sold in 15L, 25L and 40L bags at the Second Treasures Shop at the Southern Landfill Recycle Centre.

Ultrasoil and topsoil are not available in bags.


Compost 15L $4.00
40L $7.50
Garden mix 40L $9.00
Mulch 40L $7.50
Lawn mix 25L $8.50
Potting mix 15L $5.50
40L $11.00
Veggie mix 40L $9.50

These prices include GST.

Bulk sales

You can buy bulk quantities of the garden products Monday to Friday during landfill hours. They can either be delivered or loaded onto your trailer. Come through the weighbridge to buy the bulk compost products.

We can also deliver Monday to Saturday if you make arrangements beforehand.


Bulk prices are per m³ and include GST. Delivery prices are available on request.

Compost $85.00
Garden mix $99.00
Lawn mix $103.00
Garden mulch $63.50
'Ultrasoil' $95.50
Potting mix $231.00
Topsoil $65.00
Veggie mix $101.50

How the compost is made

We shred the organic waste. Through regular turning, we can get the garden waste to break down more quickly and at a more constant and higher temperature than most people achieve at home.

When 'cooked' (takes about 3 months), we screen it to get consistently-sized particles so that garden nutrients can be easily released.

We then get a sample of the compost tested to make sure it meets the Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches Standard. Samples are also tested for weeds and any other contaminates that aren't good for the soil. When it has the all-clear, the compost is either put up for sale or used to make other materials in our garden range.

All Capital Compost's products are sample tested to make sure they are 100% weed-free and organic.

Capital Compost Grant

Each year the Council sets aside some Capital Compost to help schools, childhood education facilities and community garden groups to create food gardens, or complete native plant-restoration projects.

Eligible organisations can apply for the grant every two years. Transport costs are not included. For information, T&Cs, and to apply, check out the form below.

Capital Compost Grant application form